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DC Athletics

DC Athletics ... the energy of the DCLE!

       2024 will mark the tenth year for Dream Center Athletics program for middle school students in Lake Elsinore.  DC Athletics was formed when it became clear that there was a lack of affordable physical activities for the youth in our community over the summer months and it has continually expanded in participation and popularity each year. 

       It all started when a local middle school PE teacher requested the Dream Center to organize and run a free soccer program over the summer months as a way to engage young people in physical activity that also taught them teamwork and life lessons at the same time.  The Dream Center has always upheld their motto to "find a need and fill it" in our area and this case was no exception.  The response to the program, whether from student-athletes to coaches to parents to sponsors has been awesome.

The NEXT season of DC Athletics will be modified as a week-long intensive July 23rd-27th of 2024.

Please come to our volunteer orientation (offered monthly) or give us a call if you're interested in being a part of this program that is transforming the lives of middle schoolers in our community!

Call for Athletes:

The leagues are open to students who reside in the downtown Lake Elsinore community and who are incoming 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  There will be soccer, volleyball, and basketball offered this year.  

Call for Coaches:

We're looking for individuals who want to pour out their knowledge of the game (either soccer, flag football, or basketball) as they also love on kids who might have never heard the phrases ‘good job, nice kick or what a shot.’  The rewards for your investment of time in this program will be rich.  

Testimony of a Coach

“We as coaches were not only there to teach the game, but to champion the love and the grace of God at the same time. This new perspective was quickly made clear as my following practice unfolded. That day, a young girl on my team was fifteen minutes early to practice.  As I sat there talking to her about her summer I asked if her day had been good, her response to me was “it’s about to be.”  This comment stopped me where I stood, I smiled and continued setting up practice, but that was the first time it really hit me.  These kids love playing the game and there is something about the environment in which we play, and the joy and love they feel that makes it more than a game. As our league has continued, I can tell you story after story about the joy I have seen on these kid’s faces. This league has become an atmosphere of joy and a place where these kids desire to be. I am privileged to be a small part of this league and I look forward to watching it continue to influence these kid’s lives.” ~Gabriel Vega (2015 Coach)

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