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Ministry Affiliations



Our deepest heart's desire is to see the fulfillment of greater Kingdom purposes in our community. To this end, we are committed to building inter-denominational partnerships to strengthen the Church and bring exponential impact.



Despite our passion for partnership, we feel it is healthy and grounding for the Dream Center Lake Elsinore to come under spiritual covering. We have found great synergy, clarity of mission, and an abundance of support through our dual-affiliation with the Free Methodist Church in Southern California and the Dream Center Network.


Find out more about our affiliations by clicking the pictures below:

As a member of the Free Methodist Church in Southern California, we are part of a vibrant movement of God’s people through this dynamic and historic representation of Jesus Christ and His Church.
We are one of more than 100 independent Dream Centers that have been launched nationally and internationally. We are dedicated to a life of service and helping others.
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