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I was recently asked, "How does FAITH OPERATE? What does it do?"

- FAITH HEARS Jesus, the Word of Life

- FAITH SEES Jesus, the Revelator

- FAITH ENCOUNTERS Jesus, the Fountain of Life

- FAITH EMBRACES Jesus, the Spirit

- FAITH BELIEVES Jesus, the Truth

- FAITH RECEIVES Jesus, the “Amen” of the promise

- FAITH OBEYS Jesus, the Righteousness of God

- FAITH CONFESSES Jesus, the ultimate Reality and Authority

- FAITH WORKS Jesus, the Power of God

- FAITH STANDS upon Jesus, the Rock and sure Foundation

- FAITH WALKS Jesus, the living Way 'through'

- FAITH SERVES Jesus, the Purpose of God

- FAITH PERSISTS in Jesus, the unstoppable Overcomer

- FAITH LIVES Jesus, in passionate Oneness

- FAITH MANIFESTS Jesus, the Substance, the Evidence, and

the glory personified

Faith always holds! * Faith always loves! * Faith always acts!

"Without FAITH it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God"

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