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Please join us in prayer for this incredible day:

1. For Kingdom IMPACT in our community​​

Pray that the powers of darkness are pushed back and abolished through the work of the Church in the city. Release the freedom & power of the Holy Spirit over people. Pray for divine appointments and the boldness of our volunteers to dive into opportunities God puts in front of them to speak life into others.

2. For increased UNITY in the Church

Pray for this to be an impactful move for the larger Church in our valley. That the walls of division, competition, and theological differences be broken day and obliterated. Pray that this reality of a united Church be a powerful witness to our community. 

3. For ignited hearts of the VOLUNTEERS who serve

Pray that this day would light a passionate fire in the hearts of those who volunteer. No longer just "attendees" of churches, may those that come out recognize their call to be a minister of the gospel. Pray the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to go before them, be within them, and go after them.

4. For the SAFETY of the entire event

Pray for the protection of the volunteers working. No accidents or injuries and for grace to work effectively and powerfully. Pray for a covering over all of the equipment and tools--that there would be no malfunctions or break-downs but that all would operate and run smoothly.

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