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Bob Guilliams

Board Member

Bob was born and raised in Orange County but frequently visited Lake Elsinore with his family starting in the early 1970s. Bob's father loved the Lake Elsinore area and enjoyed bringing the entire family out for water skiing, fishing, and camping until moving there full time in 1975.

Bob's father instilled in him an old school common sense work ethic that's paid dividends in his relationships and work endeavors his entire life (including his 20+ years in the commercial tenant improvement construction trade).

Bob started attending Lambs Fellowship Lake Elsinore and saw the heart Pastor Gary Enniss had for the city and strong emphasis on service. He met Brett Masters there and was blessed to start serving at the DCLE in November 2014.

Bob's served in homeless ministry, parking lot ministry, and even had a ministry at the Wildomar senior center. However, Bob will tell you it's been his involvement at DCLE that's impacted his relationship with God, his marriage, his family, and friends at a whole new level.

He now sees sharing the Gospel's always been our commission but personally found the Dream Center's mission statement expresses it is by consistently serving and building true relationships. Through relationships, we earn the right to speak into someone's potential and come alongside as a friend. Bob feels this has been the difference for him.

He and his wife, Peri, have gained countless new friends and deep relationships at the Senior Village and with everyone involved with Dream Center since joining... and that's an understatement... James 2:14-17

Bob Guilliams
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