Distance Learning Support Center

Dream Center Lake Elsinore has responded to the need to create a safe place to support kids during the uncertainty of a global pandemic and the challenge of virtual learning. 


We've created a space in our downtown Headquarters who need a safe place & supervision during school days... a place with internet access, school supplies, healthy meals, capable tutor support, and loving parental supervision all while being mindful and intentional about keeping the best practices to remain safe during the COVID-19 reality. 


Providing practical help while calling out the gold in these wonderful kids in our very own community...


Giving them the support they need to succeed in school and speaking into their incredible God-given potential...


 And we want YOU to be a part of this! 

We're looking for people who want to pour into and hang out with these kids, capable tutors, people with teaching & childcare backgrounds, those who want to help with food, and the selfless servants who want to help keep the facility clean during it all!

Dream Center Distance Learning Support C